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  • A Simple Guide to Edema and Causative Diseases (A Simple Guide to Medical Conditions).
  • Revealing Archimedes' Lost Codex.
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Do your kids know the 4 largest countries? Which countries have the most people?

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The longest river? This packet covers basic world and U. Wild Animals, and More.. It traditionally looks like this… [Image courtesy of Wikipedia but we made one using plastic tubing, tape and a stick: After the tubing was secured around the stick, we brought it inside to try it out. New pages recently added! Rocks and Minerals Packet Human Body Systems — This post also has links to a number of different worksheet sets I made on the digestive system, etc.

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Again, if you are interested in joining our Homeschool Den Newsletter , feel free to subscribe here: Happy Homeschooling! Sunflower School House Website writing prompts 6 Jan, Susie says:. May 25, at pm. May 27, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Homeschool Den Catalog This free pdf has a list of many of the units we have available in science, history, math, and more!

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Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love by Dava Sobel Lesson Plans

Honored Recipient! Science Units and Packets Get our free Science Unit Checklist, plus find dozens of links to our hands-on activities, packets and more! A list of the books we've used most in history, science, math, language arts, etc. Packets Available: Below is just a small sample of the packets and resources we have available on our blog. Layers of the Atmosphere Packet. Human Body Systems Bundle. World Facts Packet Do your kids know the 4 largest countries?

American Revolution Packet. Slavery and the Civil War Packet. Long A Sound Activities.

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Biology Unit This packet covers biomes and habitats, feeding relationships, biological interactions and more! The spelling program we use: We have used AAS for 6 years!

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  5. AAS is an affiliate link. Multiplication Packets For Learning the 4s and 9s. Ocean Unit, 65 pgs. States of Matter Packet. Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum. Dozens of posts about how to create a homeschool writing workshop. How to Make a Shake Table Video.

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    Find out why we like AAS in this post:. Montessori World Animal Cards. Homeschool Freebies — Free Packets and Printables This post has links to many of the free resources we have here on the blog. May 25, by Heather Woodie. If your kids are like mine, they love to learn about people.

    In particular, my students love to learn about the people who are responsible for the concepts, topics, and subjects they enjoy. As homeschoolers, we are free to teach in a way that suits our children best and teaching about the people behind the science helps us to make a personal connection to the concept. He was a scientist in Ancient Greece who was well known to be a problem solver. Chalking Geometry — Have you ever done sidewalk geometry? Archimedes liked to draw in the sand and we can draw on the sidewalk!

    Edison was a prolific inventor and scientist from a young age. Your student will be delighted to know that he was homeschooled.

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    I love to read about his inquisitive personality and how he liked to press for answers. Introducing chemistry concepts — As a boy, Edison like to collect chemicals and label them.

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    7. Our kids love to use Morse code to communicate. Explaining electricity — He is probably most famous for the invention of the incandescent light bulb, which brought electric lights to the average home. Since we no longer use incandescent bulbs for the standard light bulb, you might learn more about the differences in light bulbs today and how they are more efficient and energy-saving than the incandescent. We all can be grateful for the contributions to science that Louis Pasteur is responsible for. Without his work with the microscope, we would not have our modern antibiotics and the ability to fight infections so well.

      You can also learn about microbes on Kids Discover Online in our topic. Using Microscopes — The discussion of Pasteur is a great place to begin using a microscope. A simple light microscope or a digital microscope will give your student a window into the world of microbes. Growing microbes on a Petri dish — Without washing your hands, smear your fingers across the medium in a Petri dish and wait. Then wash your hands well and do another smear. Does soap do its job?

      How well do you wash your hands? Galileo loved to observe the night sky and your family can too!