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Most patients are receiving care in high-end hospitals or clinics located in major urban centers, and will plan their trip to allow enough time for a prudent recuperation period before heading home. The term medical tourism is often used in the context of patients traveling abroad for medical care to countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Thailand and Singapore - and this is certainly true.

However, not all medical tourism is offshore based. Domestic medical tourism — whereby individuals or employees travel across the country for medical care — has been growing steadily over the past few years. Although driven in part by individuals seeking low cost surgeries, the trend toward domestic medical tourism is being led by employers and insurers whose primary focus is quality. Typically, an employer will contract directly with high quality centers of excellence.

Medical Tourism: A New Role for Nursing?

These are hospitals that specialize in certain procedures and can therefore offer better outcomes at a lower price than can be found locally. To encourage workers to use the program, employers often waive deductibles and cover their travel and hotel costs. Employers with domestic travel programs save money in part by negotiating a single rate, which includes fees for surgeons, anesthesiologists and all medical care up until the patient is discharged.

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But there are other benefits. Referring employees to a center of excellence has also been shown to reduce medical complications, surgical reinterventions and recovery times, allowing employees to return to work quicker.


Hospitals benefit by getting paid up front and increasing patient volume. Although domestic medical tourism is still only a small slice of the medical tourism pie, its recent implementation by several high profile companies can only help its growth in the coming years. It would be reasonable to expect such a course of study would include strong transcultural elements, as well as business and management studies, and ethical and legal discussions that relate to the care of patients in such circumstances.

Nurses who wish to learn more about medical tourism can do so in several ways. A first step would be to enhance their knowledge base and skills in business and management because medical tourism is essentially a business. Nurses interested in this field are also encouraged to search the Internet to identify hospitals that have medical tourism centers and to contact nurses that work directly in these centers. Additionally, attending conferences designed for health professionals interested in medical tourism would be a valuable step in learning more about this field. Recently there have been several conferences focusing on medical tourism for health professionals.

Nurses can gain valuable information by attending the various lectures presented at these conferences and also by making contacts with others in the field to learn firsthand from professionals already experienced in medical tourism.

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Medical tourism is likely to increase over the next decade as more patients are able to access the Internet and acquire information relevant to care offered overseas at an affordable price. While some patients will benefit immensely from treatment as a medical tourist, many legal and ethical issues will also arise. Nurses need to familiarize themselves with the benefits of medical tourism while also acknowledging its inherent dangers.

Potential medical tourists will benefit from the services of a knowledgeable health professional in their home country who can discuss the many issues that relate to this medical tourism. It is expected that medical tourism will provide a new role for nurses as this healthcare trend expands around the world. When Dr. Ben-Sefer worked at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem a number of years ago, she often saw children coming from other countries, especially Iran in those days, but also a variety of other places and still recalls how challenging it was to care for these patients from other countries.

She has recognized that today medical tourism is an emerging trend in healthcare, and that we need to take a serious look at this trend as it emerges so that our patients can receive the best care possible wherever they seek their healthcare. In addition to her clinical work as a nurse at the Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, she has served as a founding member of the small group that opened the first generic program of nursing in Israel, and coordinator, at the Tel Aviv University, of the generic nursing program, the Master's program, and the PhD program.

Among her international activities, Dr. She has published extensively and presented papers at national and international nursing conferences. Her specific fields of interest include nursing education, public health, and women's health with a focus on health promotion.

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Unbeatable Success Story of Medical Tourism Industry in India

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