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Noorulain Ayesha. The Home of Carmine Red. John Archievald Gotera. You can go to cart and save for later there. Snippettes of Spirit - eBook. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Product Highlights Snippettes of Spirit by Spirita is a collection of declarations.

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After sharing an adventure with the X-Man, Wolverine, however, she learned she was not a Mutant and was instead one of the many new Inhumans created by the Terrigen Bomb. Kamala was soon thereafter identified by Queen Medusa as being a new Inhuman possessing great potential a great potential for heroics as well as a great potential for getting into trouble.

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Medusa dispatched Lockjaw, the watchdog of the Royal Court, to look after Kamala and keep her out of trouble although it was more often Lockjaw who needed watching over and protection by Kamala. Kamala and Lockjaw investigated a series of missing persons involving teenagers in the Jersey City area. They discovered that these youths had been abducted by the bizarre villain known as The Inventor.

The Inventor held great disdain toward the younger generation and he used his captives as a bio-electric energy-source for his various machines and inventions. Kamila ultimately defeated The Inventor and freed his many captives. Kamala was invited to train at New Attilan so to better refine her powers and abilities.

Throughout her early adventures as a superhero, Kamala struggled with feelings of guilt over the fact that she was disobeying her parents and pursuing a secret life her family did not know about. Furthermore, she worried that her colorful costumed escapades may not be in alignment with the tenets of modesty and virtue as put forward in the Koran.

Later, Kamala reunited with a childhood friend named Kamran, who it turned out was also a new Inhuman.

Kamila was quite smitten with Kamran, yet he proved not to be as good a guy as he initially seemed. Kamran was secretly in league with the duplicitous Inhuman, Lineage, who used him to lure Kamala into a trap. Like Medusa, Lineage was extremely intrigued by Kamala and certain there was something particularly special about her. Lineage was staging a coop of New Attilan to forward his Inhuman supremacist agenda; and he very much wanted Kamala to join his cause.

Lineage was later defeated by Medusa and the other Inhumans, but Kamran continued the schemes that Lineage had put in place.


It turned out that Aamir does not possess an active Inhuman gene and the mists did not transform him. Marvel, joined by Captain Marvel, arrived on the scene and defeated Kamran, rescuing Aamir. Following the Secret Wars Event, Ms. Being an Avenger has been a dream come true for Kamala. Following an adventure where Ms.

Marvel foiled a plot by the sinister Dr. Faustus to take over the minds of a trendy neighborhood in Jersey City, Kamala came to realize that she was being stretched too thin by all of her many obligations. In an effort to navigate around this problem, Kamala and her friend Bruno used a high tech 3-D printer and magical material that had been left behind by the trickster god, Loki, and created multiple drone-like clones of Kamala. Kamala had hoped these clones might sit-in for her at school or during family functions, thus allowing her more time to attend to her duties as a super hero and Avengers.

As might be expected, this plot went terribly wrong and the various clones developed their own rudimentary sentience, running amok before amalgamating together into a rampaging behemoth. Marvel was eventually able to defeat this monstrosity with the assistance of Captain Marvel and Iron Man.

More recently, Ms. Captain Marvel was using the prophetic visions provided by the new Inhuman, Ulysses, to prevent crimes and disasters before they happened.

The New American Normal

Marvel and the cadets were put in charge of intervening on future crimes occurring int he Jersey City area. Initially, this plan to intercede on crimes before they occurred was working well and Kamala did not see a downside to the preventative program. When discussing he matter with Tyesha, however, Kamala came to wonder about how this system may be infringing on individual civil liberties.

Tyesha spoke about how such profiling was used to essentially criminalize entire subsections of the population.